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Where We Started

After 8 Brands was established in May 2015 in Orlando, Florida, by founder Angela Walker. Originally, it was called AVO Creative Group. During that time, we mainly provided white label services to other companies. After gaining experience and growing our team we underwent a much-needed refresh in 2018 and decided to rename ourselves After 8 Brands, LLC. The number 8 has many meanings and one of those meanings is “new beginnings.”


Many of our clients are in need of new design experiences that will set them on track to a new start, that is why we decided to go with After 8 Brands, meaning “after new beginnings.” Once we relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, we experienced tremendous growth in clientele. Now we offer a variety of services that cater beautifully to our clients and will continue to do so for many years to come.


Our Leaders

  • Angela Walker

Angela Walker

Founder and Creative Director 

  • Germaine Webb

Germaine Webb

Illustrator, Graphic, and Web Design

  • Marisa Kellogg

Marisa Kellogg

Photography and Videography

Our Future

Now in 2021, our experienced team provides an extensive array of design expertise that our clients rave about. We have five department heads and a combination of employees and contractors both remote and local, blazing an untouchable creative trail for our clients. Our team is our foundation and the heart of After 8 Brands and what we stand for. Each member brings a talent level that is incomparable due to the passion and workmanship we provide to each of our clients. The After 8 Brands’ team is a family and we invite our clients to experience the impact of greatness our team provides.


On a daily basis you can find us revolutionizing businesses and enhancing brand awareness. We are always up for a challenge and presenting different opportunities of thought-provoking ideas to our clients. By creating groundbreaking, innovative solutions we are able to formulate enlightened design experiences to each project. Capturing, collaborating, and creating helps us design the pathway for each client allowing their brand to flourish.

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